Completing and Uploading a Project

Placing an online order

and uploading your finished project

So now you should have clicked, inserted, rotated, cropped and changed the whole Project and you are ready to place an order.

Click on the File menu and select Order. the software will now check your project for any issues such as low resolution pictures or pictures in the trim area.

Follow steps 1 through 14 below to complete the order and upload procedure. Pay special attention to step 11, where you will be required to enter a single voucher code.

Step 1: Select "Order..." from the File menu.
Step 2: Confirm 'Flight-check' results.
Step 3: Confirm that it's OK to use any low-resolution photos in your project, and fix CRITAL errors that will prevent upload.
Step 4: Select 'Order Now' to proceed directly to processing the order.

Important: About the Shopping Cart | Although it's possible to add multiple items to the shopping cart, pre-paid voucher codes are intended to be redeemed against one item at a time only. We recommend pressing 'Order Now' and ensuring only one product is in the cart at a time if you are redeeming pre-paid voucher codes. See our special guide on uploading multiple copies of the same project.

Step 5: Agree to Terms & Conditions.
Step 6: Select 'Order Online' to complete your order online (ilcuding upload) or 'Order Offline' if you want to send a disc instead.
Step 7: Wait for Web Browser to load up.
Step 8: If you are a first time user, press the blue "Create My Account" button. If you have already created an account, enter your username and password, then press "Sign In".
If it's your first time using our service, you'll need to sign up for a NEW uploading account by pressing the BLUE button on the right of screen. This is different to purchasing voucher codes.
Step 9: Confirm details of purchase.
Step 10: Confirm Billing / Shipping Details, and choose your shipping option. The correct shipping option is selected by default, but express service is also available.
Step 11: Enter your pre-paid voucher code and press 'Redeem'. It's important to note that only one voucher code can be redeemed at a time. As a result you should only order one project at a time.
Step 12: The Order Confirmation screen. Take down your Order Number for your records.
Step 13: Select 'Upload Order' to upload project, 'Speed Test' to check your available upload speed, or 'Send Order Via Mail' if you would prefer to mail the project to us. A postal address will be supplied once the files have been saved to your desktop, ready to be burned to CD or DVD.
Step 14: If you select 'Upload Order': The upload commences. This may take some time, depending on your internet speed. We recommend that the computer be on mains power and set to not shut down or sleep until the upload is finished.
To learn how to send your project via mail, or to upload to us via WeTransfer, click here.