Checking For Updates

Running as Administrator

Right-click the PhotobooksRus icon on the desktop and select 'Run as Administrator':

Running as Administrator may require an administrator password.

Auto Updates

As a general rule, the software will check for updates automatically whenever you start the software. If new updates are available, the software will alert you, and ask of you'd like to update:

Auto Update (Critical Updates detected)

Manually Checking

You can check for updates manually at any time by click on the 'Create a New Project' button:

Click on the 'Create a New Project' Button to be taken to the next screen

Then on the 'Check for Updates' button on the following screen:

Click on the 'Check for Updates' Button to manually connect to our server and check for updates

There are two types of updates:

  • ‘Application Data’, which must always be updated on its own, and requires a restart of the software.
  • ‘Asset’ Updates, including projects, frames, backgrounds, clip art, etc.
Application Data Update (Tick Box and press 'Install' button)

We recommend updating the ‘Application Data’ first. This will require a restart of the software (Not your computer.)

Application Data updates require the software perform a restart. (Press 'Yes')

Then select all of the ‘Asset’ updates and install them after the software has restarted. 'Assets' may include Projects, Backgrounds, Masks, Frames etc. To ensure all projects work as expected, please select ALL available updates.

Project Data updates available (tick category box to select all boxes at once)

The software will download and apply the updates:

Updates downloading and being applied
Updates complete (Press Finish button)

When there are no updates left, we are finished and ready to create!