Importing and replacing images

Important information about images:

The PhotobooksRus designer software does not make a copy of the images it 'imports' - It only remembers where the photo files are located.
If you edit the original photo file with other software, those changes will appear in your photobook project.
If you rename or move the photo files, or the folders containing those photo files, the software will ask you to locate them. For this reason we strongly suggest keeping the images for your project in a location on your computer (not an external USB key or drive) and not renaming files and folders while working on a project.

Importing Images

When creating a new project, you will be prompted to select images to 'import' into the project:

Adding Images to a new project

To add extra images as you design your project, you can import more by pressing the "+" button above the image library pane on the left side of the designer:

Manually adding images (Individual Picture Files or Folder Containing Pictures)

Finding Missing Images

In the event that your photo files (or the folders containing those photo files) are movedĀ orĀ renamed, you may need to 'show' the software where the images are now located.

NOTE: Pressing 'Continue' at any time during this process will ignore the missing images and open the project.

After opening the project, a prompt similar to the following may appear:

The software lists some of the photo files missing. There may be more missing than listed here.

Select 'Find Pictures', which will show you a thumbnailed list of all the missing images in your project:

A thumbnailed list of missing images (Note the red text and 'Missing' Status on each image.

Select the first item in the list and then press the 'Update' Button.

You will be presented with an 'open' box, where you can navigate through folders on your computer to locate the missing photo file. Once selected, the software will ask for confirmation:

If the photo is correct, select 'Yes.'

The software will then check the folder located this 'replaced' photo file to see if any other missing photo files are also in the same folder. If the software detects more missing photos, it will ask if you'd like to update those too:

If you'd like to replace any other found photo files, press 'Yes' to import them too.

The software will return you to the 'Find Missing Pictures...' screen, where you may need to update further photos, depending on how many are still missing and where they are located.

A list of updated photo files

Once all files are updated, you can safely press the 'Continue' button and open the project with all missing photos located.

If missing photos are not replaced, the software will remind you before uploading your project.

NOTE: If you have a very complicated Photo storage system (Lots of files and folders) replacing photos may take some time. To discuss the matter, please email [email protected]